Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lookie Here...

Here is the Legions of Nekheny first tournament army still in their packaging.  That is a Necron Phalanx box set, two Monoliths, Deceiver, Necron Lord, and ten Destroyers on sprues.  With the twenty warriors, five scarabs, and one Destroyer already assembled, I now have a total force of:

1 Deceiver (actually two, but can't use more than one, so its future is uncertain at this moment)
1 Necron Lord with Staff of Light
1 Necron Lord with War Scythe
68 Warriors (I plan to take twenty of them and convert them into 10 Immortals and 10 Flayed Ones)
18 Scarabs
17 Destroyers (I plan to convert two of these to Heavy Destroyers, if I can, much cheaper than actual Heavy Destroyers, and I will fill out the rest of the maximum nine the same way)
3 Monoliths

Not a bad little Legion of immortal, soulless, killing machines, to begin my adventure into the tournament scene at the 2500 point level.

On another note that may seem every unrelated at first, I purchased a new home at a hell of a deal in this depressed economy, a reward from my military service to our country, that is ridiculously bigger than my family truely needs.  It was too good to pass up, really an investment that we will actually enjoy more than a CD, Bond, or other financial instrument.  Now how it relates to 40k, (and don't tell my wife, she doesn't know this yet) once the house is presentable to guests, I will start a 40k Meet Up group in Redlands, CA to meet at my house at least once a month.  Fritz 40K is my favorite 40K blogger and I envy his gaming club.  There are not any 40K gaming clubs near me anywhere near the caliber of Battle for Salvation, so I guess I will just have to organize one myself.

Opportunity favors those seeking it, prepared for it, and in reality, creating it for themselves.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Day at the Adventure's Guild of Riverside

Today was a nice battle between the Legions of Nekheny and the Iron Skull chapter of Space Marines.  I was lucky enough to destroy my friend's 750 point list.  Deadmeat will load up battle report pictures on his page as he had the camera, but a little of what went on until his report.  Set up was pitched battle, seize ground, four objectives.  The battlefield was four feet by four feet as we were only playing 750 point lists.  Deadmeat's wife set up a nice city terrain, with only a few areas for his long range weapons to come into play, score one for the Necrons.  I set up as if I was going for the objectives, but truely decided to run everything up the middle and try to kill every last marine on the board.  This worked extremely well, and in the end of turn seven, he had only three marines of one combat squad standing on  a contested objective.  Technically it was a draw as no one claimed an objective and I could not kill every last man on this team, but it was close and a good time.  Hopefully next meet up we will have 1000 point armies to play with and I can see what that Monolith I got in the mail can do.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Monolith in the mail.

I finally saved up enough allowance (yes I have an allowance) and ordered a Monolith from MacPac51 on Ebay (so far the best place I have found to buy GW models).  This will give me what I need to assemble my first 2500 point army that I posted on earlier.

As far as an update on my challenge to have my 750 point army painted for September 12th, I have not done a single thing on it thanks to the RL.  I have been slowly cleaning up my Destroyer though, a few minutes here and there, almost ready for assembly.  At least I have a three day weekend coming up this weekend so I should be able to finish painting the 750 then.  But wish me luck, the RL has gotten every busy as I have started escrow on a new home.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I Have Been Challenged!

My 40K BFF Zack, aka Deadmeat of the Chapter of the Iron Skull has challenged me to complete my 750pts army, and he his, before our met up at the Adventure's Guild of Riverside (California that is).  Ten warriors and three Scarabs to paint in about three or so weeks, no problem, if life doesn't get in the way.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Destroyers on the Way

Tonight I finally opened up a Destroyer and got as far as taking all the pieces off the spures before life ended my with 40K.  I can't what to see the first one in Legion colors.  However, I do not like the multi-lens targeting head on the Destroyers and I am considering using a regular Warrior head in its place.  Going to have to play with it and see.

To expand my 750pts list to 1000pts I will need six Destroyers in total.  I am planning on running the Deceiver, two ten man Warrior squads, two three man Destroyer squads, and a squad of three Scarabs.

2500 Point Necron Warrior Army Tactics

These are the planned tactics for the 2500 point Necron Army I listed last with the fifty Warriors in it.

Everything in reserve, with the exception of the Deceiver depending on terrain and enemy units with things like barrage weapons.  Monoliths deep strike into the the enemy using their special rule to displace enemy units.  Special attention needs to be paid to where the portal is facing as the two fifteen unit Warrior squads are to portal through the Monoliths.  If the Warriors portal they will rapid fire, and if they do not, the Monoliths will use their Particle Whips the turn they deep strike in.  Then the Monoliths will ram stuff all the while using their particle whips and Gauss Flux Arcs depending if the Warriors or another unit needs to portal through for a second WBB roll.  Monoliths are also create for deep striking onto objects depending on the game scenario.  The Warriors will be in the enemy's face rapid firing as much as possible for as long as possible with the Monoliths help.

The Lord and his attached twenty Warrior squad will VOD onto the board, in range of the Monoliths portal ability just in case.  They will do really do about the same as the other Warrior squads, VOD'ing around to rapid fire as much as possible as long as possible, and contesting objectives near the end of the game.  I am thinking of a ResOrb in place of the Solar Pulse, will need to play with both to see.

Destroyers will turbo onto the board if needed, but with their range, they probably will not have to to end up in range of a target.  They will do their target priority, taking out transports and killing close combat units and other big treats, staying in range of the Monoliths for that extra WBB via the portal.  Their final role is to contest objectives.

The Deceiver is to run up to the Monoliths and provide counter assault with the Scarabs.  The Scarabs are to hold units until the Deceiver can assault them.  I hope in the new codex the Deceiver can teleport about the board like a proper god should, because it is embarrassing to have a god running across a battlefield.

This is my basic theory on how I will use the army.  But until it is assembled and I can start playing it, it is all theory.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My First 2500 point Necron Army

 Being as my dream 2500 point army would cost at least another $270 for new models to create the list, I am going with an alternative using what I currently have and will only be purchasing one additional model for it, a Monolith.

Deceiver                                                300pts
Lord with VOD and Solar Pulse                 180pts
20 Warriors (attached to Lord)                360pts
15 Warriors (portal through Monolith)      270pts
15 Warriors (portal through Monolith)      270pts
5 Destroyers                                           250pts
5 Destroyers                                           250pts
10 Scarabs (hold units for Deceiver)         120pts
Monolith                                                 235pts
Monolith                                                 235pts
                                        Total            2470pts

The remaining 30pts I am thinking about spending on more wargear for the Lord, though hot sure what yet.  I would be able to get a Monolith for about $55, and feel this is a reasonable army with the correct tactics.  I am considering to the Warrior to Immortal and Flayed One conversion to save some money, but are conversions like that allowed in 'Ard Boyz?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My current dream 2500pt list for 'Ard Boyz

 1x Lord w/VOD and ResOrb                                        200
 1x Lord w/destroyer body, ResOrb, Solar Pulse            200
10x Warriors                                                              180
10x Warriors                                                              180
10x Immortals                                                            280
 5x Destroyers                                                            250
 5x Destroyers                                                            250
 5x Destroyers                                                            250
 1x Monolith                                                               235
 1x Monolith                                                               235   
 1x Monolith                                                               235
                                                             Total           2495

Only need a destroyer lord, ten immortals, two destroyers, and two monoliths to complete the list.  I probably don't need the Res Orbs, especially not two of them, but I am afraid of losing the WBB in melee.  I guess I could add a small unit of flayed ones or a three more immortals.  But the limits of the force org chart is the suck here, I wish I could take scarabs.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tomb Spyder Combat Patrol List Battle Report

As I posted earlier, my Tomb Spyder combat patrol list is four Tomb Spyders and ten Warriors, 400 points dead on.  And this is the reason my buddy doesn't want to face that list again.  His list was a combat squad with plasma cannon, combat squad with plasma gun, and five Vanguard carrying a total of three power weapons in a Rhino.  Until I re-read the We'll Be Back rule a couple of days ago, we where playing that AP3 and better ranged weapons negated a WBB roll, so the biggest reason for all plasma he usually fields.  We played on a nearly four foot by four foot board (little smaller on one side).  There was a lot of impassable terrain around the corners of the board and large ruin in the center.  I went first and ran my spyders up around the ruin, any spawning a scarab swarm.  The second turn run some more into position.  On the third turn we had LOS finally and I assaulted his Rhino with Vanguard still inside.  Two spyders and their attached scarabs made short work of the rhino, some thing like two glancing hits and three penetrating hits, and the Rhino explodes.  He rolls big for the blast radius.  This two combat squads are in a trench on the side of the Rhino opposite my spyders, but close enough to the Rhino that only one Marine is not hit by the explosion.  At this point my buddy is worried as an epic fail in the dice could possible leave him with a single marine.  The dice gods were fairly kind to him though, and he only lost on unit from each of his combat squads.  His turn three he opens fire on the Spyders with the combat squads and assaults with the Vanguard.  The Spyders got cover saves from the scarabs, reducing the plasma weapons usefulness.  The Vanguard survive through his next assault phase.  With the scarabs adopting the Spyder's T6 and taking up some of the few wounds he can score, all of his marines are wiped out by the end of my turn five.  My warriors never had to move from behind the impassable terrain they were hiding behind.  I must agree with him though, four monstrous creatures in a combat patrol game is ridiculous.  Can the Tyranids even do that?  And that mixed toughness, and unit cover save tactic is insane.  I am so glad the Necrons are the only army that has a monstrous creature that can be in a unit, especially when the other model has three wounds, small target profile, and swarm special rule.

Friday, August 6, 2010

My 750 point list under construction.

Here are some photos of what I have done with my 750 point list so far. As you can see I am about half way done painting it. I prime all the models Chaos Black to start, then start building up in the metallics. On the Warriors I start with Shining Gold, go over that with Burnished Gold, and then dry brush with Mithril Silver. Then I paint the eye sockets, weapon ends and ribbed chambers with Goblin Green. Next I dot the eyes wtih Scorpion Green and dry brush over the Goblin Green on the weapon ends and ribbed chambers.  I left the golds thin to allow the black to show through in an attempt to create an aged appearance.  On the Deceiver I messed up on the eyes and will end up stripping the paint there and redoing it. The scarabs I used cheap toll painting metallics to test the paint as a cheap alternative and it was just that, cheap paint. But for the scarabs in my starter army it is fine.


For the future 5th Edition Necron Codex, a lot of people are calling for Feel No Pain (FNP) instead of the current We'll Be Back (WBB) rule. If the Necrons were a close combat army, I would agree with this because a successful FNP roll will let that Necron still fight in the assault round it was wounded. But I believe WBB is better for the following reason (especially if you are not using a Resurrection Orb): With the proliferation of power and rending weapons in the 5th Edition Codexes, FNP and WBB are weaker special rules than they use to be. However, AP1 and AP2 ranged weapons stop a FNP roll, so weapons like most big blast templates, plasma, rending (on a roll of 6), melta, etc, make FNP useless. WBB on the other hand, is only canceled by instant death by ranged weapons. So for a ranged army like the Necrons are, WBB is a better and fluffier choice.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Current lists I am running.

My 750 point list, Deceiver, two squads of ten warriors of each, and five scarabs with disruptor fields. I have to fix the eyes on my Deceiver, ten warriors and three scarabs left to paint. Still need to base all of them.

I run two combat patrol armies: 1. eleven warriors and four destroys or 2. ten warriors and four tomb spyders. My buddy will not play against the tomb spyder list again. Tomb spyders are so awesome in combat patrol.

Bringing Necrons into 5th Edition.

This is what I posted to answer a post on my favorite Warhammer 40K blog Fritz40K.

My thoughts on getting my 'Crons on par with the 5th 'dex boys:

We’ll Be Back – Love it, no need to change it.

Phase Out - Let it stay for standard games, but for some special games like combat patrol, lift it.

UnNerf Gauss - I want something more fluffy that just giving them rending, don't want to lose the fluff. Against non-vehicle targets, on a to wound roll of 6, automatic wound regardless of target's toughness and counts as an AP1 weapon. Against non-vehicles, an AP value of 1 is no better than an AP value of 2, because no armor save is better than 2+. Against vehicles on a roll of 6 to penetrate the vehicle's armor, automatic glancing hit unless it would be a penetrating hit, with the weapon counting as AP1 again. Against vehicles, an AP value of 1 has value, adding +1 to the vehicle damage result roll, allowing gauss to at least wreck on a glance, and making penetrating hits more lethal. This option would help get the 'Cron's anti-vehicle closer to 4th ed and help them deal with their lack of weapons options (i.e. no meltas, and krak type weapons). Another option is to just give gauss a +1 on the vehicle damage chart with glancing hits or just let the 'Crons have penetrating hits on a roll of 6.

The lack of power weapons - I think it would be easily addressed by modifying the disruptor field (DF)war gear. Make DF work in close combat again non-vehicles as well, counting as power weapons against non-vehicles. Of course whatever correction is made to gauss regarding glancing hits on vehicles would also have to be applied to DF as well.

Lack of mobility – To counter the increased mobility of the other 5th ‘dexes, the ‘Crons need more units that can DS or infiltrate in, and teleport. Also, ‘Crons need a DS scatter of only 1D6, their technology is too advanced to scatter 2D6, doesn’t meet their fluff. This I will talk about more in unit descriptions.

C’Tan – To make up for not have psykers and their new crazy 5th ed powers, the C’Tan need new, more powerful offensive attacks similar to the new powers the psykers are getting. Also, the new armor saves and invulnerability saves some of the characters are getting in 5th, the C’Tan need their invulnerability saves increased to at least 3+, they are gods for crying out loud! They also need more mobility, they need to be able to DS around the board as if they had VOD and should also have the Monolith’s ability to force models away to make room for them.

Lords – We don’t need cheaper lords, no bronze, silver, gold stuff, stupid bad idea; the current lord should come down in point cost a little. If you want a cheap HQ alternative, there should be an elite pariah HQ choice with a little better stats than the regular pariahs. What we need are special lords like the other armies have. Examples would be a wraith lord with the option to take wraiths as elite and fast attack choices, or a destroyer lord that does the same, or others that let you take flayed ones or immortals as troop choices. Then we need lords in between the current lord and C’Tan. The fluff talks about lords crafting bigger better bodies for themselves.

Immortals – This guys are great, other than lower point cost, maybe increase I from 2 to 3 and A from 1 to 2, but not really needed.

Flayed Ones – These guys need to be more like the Space Marine Vanguard. They need their A increased to 2 if they increase the max unit size to 15 or more, or to 3 if they don’t. And if DF ends up at ignoring armor saves, awesome close combat unit. Also, they should probable be a troop choice.

Warriors – Lower point cost, no other chance if the above gauss and DF changes are made.

Wraiths – These need to be the ‘Cron CC Termies. Need to increase max unit size to 5, and there attacks need to ignore armor saves (build in DF from above). They also need DS.

Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers – I think these two should be merged. Make their gauss cannon a dual pattern weapon, cyclic fire same stats as gauss cannon, focused fire same stats as heavy gauss cannon. And a question on their T: If they are immortals that have toughness 5, basically on a jet bike, why did their toughness not increase to 6 like the lord with a destroyer body does?  They should be a T6. I would place point cost between the current destroyer and heavy destroyer. Unit size 1-4, fast attack or heavy support choice, that why you can still only field 24 total destroyers as you can now.

Scarab Swarms – Not sure why everyone wants a larger unit size on these guys, but I guess that would be fine. Lower points cost a point or two. With the DF mod above, they would be CC killers.

Tomb Spyder – Don’t think I would change this one.  Maybe let it repair a Monolith, the Necron version of a tech marine or Mek, with bonuses to repair rolls for attached scarab swarms.

Monolith – Originally I was not going to change the Monolith, but after see the rules for the Space Marine Caestus Assault Ram, that costs the same 235 points, the Mono does need an upgrade. To bring the Mono in line with the new Ram, the Mono needs a 5+ invulnerable save, the ability to teleport about the board as with VOD, Particle Whip needs AP1, and the old rule of units disembarking from a Mono count as disembarking from a stationary vehicle so they can assault out of the portal again.

As for new units, I would like the ones mentioned in the Lord section, maybe a new C’Tan or two, and a new heavy support like a bigger tomb spyder. Maybe a ‘Cron drop pod, a stationary portal that DS’s in, no weapons needed, just increases mobility, make it a dedicated transport type option to not take up org slots.

My thoughts, and I love Necrons so I have thought about it a lot.

I did forget to add that the Flayed Ones should be able to assault after DS'ing like the Space Marine Vanguard.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Origins of the Legions Version 2.0

I have gone away from my original story of the Origins of the Legions of Nekheny on the simple fact it didn't fit with the fluff of the 40k universe.  The humans barely have record of their history back to the founding of the Space Marine Legions, let alone the 30,000 years before that, so it pretty much impossible for my Necron to have found information back that far in the human records.  To correct this issue, I have decided to steal a piece of story line from the Star Trek the Motion Picture, V'Ger actually.  Who can say that the living machines that found V'Ger were not the Necrons.  And so follows the new basis for the Legions of Nekheny.

I probe launched from Terra before the days of Warp travel, from when humans were still trying to reach outside of their home star system, has traveled the vastness of space for millennium.  After a few centuries, the probe was to far from Terra for its broadcasts to reach home.  But the probe continued on with its duties, fusion and solar powered, it would last many millennium before powering down.  And so it traveled the heavens gathering the information it was programmed to gather and broadcast back to Terra, looking for inhabitable planets and other life, and it found both, but no one could hear it, and no one live on Terra would remember its existence.  Inside the probe contained the history of man to the point of its launch, and DNA from every form of life the humans could gather from their world.  The intent of the DNA being if the probe would crash onto a planet in its journey, it may start life or change life on the planet making colonization of the work easier for the humans if they ever happened upon it.

 And the probe continued on through the ages, always broadcasting its reports.  While passing through a new star system, an ancient star system with only dead worlds and star barely glowing, nearing complete burn out, something heard the probes broadcasts, something far more ancient than the probe its self.  With the system's star nearly dead, and the planets nearly solid at there core, after millennium of tectonic violence nothing should be stirring in the darkness and depths of the worlds, but things did, not living, at least not any more.  And so a Necron tomb world slowly started to awaken.  The violence fits of the dying star system had left the greatness of the tomb worlds here shattered and lying in ruin.  Their communications systems have been destroyed, a great amount of their stasis systems have failed, and the slow passing of time had claimed most of their race and constructs. But enough of the Necron systems remained to receive the broadcasts from the probe wandering through their dying system and started the great awakening.  Constructs began to stream through the Necron ruins, repairing and bring online what they could.  And the Necron High Lord of the system was awakened from his stasis.  His stasis was not peaceful, but millions of years of nightmares.  Dreams of his people's betrayal by their gods, and their curse to endless slavery.

The High Lord turned his attention to the construct passing his tomb, and he calculated in cold thoughts, "Had this construct not passed, if this infinitely small chance had not occurred, he and his people would have slowly turned to dust after their star had died."  The High Lord was furious to be awoken, to be robbed of his one chance to die and end his slavery.  And with a thought, the High Lord ordered the efforts of this awakening tomb world to ready what remained of his fleet to seize this construct that had ended his nightmares and made them his reality.  The madness of millions of years of existence, of unrelenting nightmares, wore heavy of the High Lord.  The High Lord himself went to take the construct, to bring his vengeance to bear upon the construct.  And as the High Lord stood on the hull of his tomb ship, staring at the simple machine, limited in its ability to think, to comprehend, only able to react in simple ways, like a lowly creature, hardly better than a single cell life form, taking in its environment, and sending it out to somewhere, to something.  This somewhere, something, created intrigue within the High Lord.  And the High Lord looked deeper into construct and began to decipher the simple language with in it.  And the origin of the construct revealed its self to the High Lord.  The entire history of humanity and Terra up to the launch of the construct unfolded before the High Lord and he saw the face of the of the constructs creator. 

The construct would not be the focus of his vengeance, the race that created the construct would be.  In the human's history the High Lord saw the influence of the lair, the deceiver, the betrayer, the star god Mephet'ran, the spearhead of the enslavement of the High Lord's race, and taker of death and the hope of escape.  And the High Lord studied the human history, and from the the period of Mephet'ran's greatest influence, the human's ancient Egyptians.  The High Lord would model his legions in a dark image of death taken from the human's own past to take his vengeance on the humans for cheating him of his long desired death.  It will be as if the skeletons of the Egyptians themselves would raise from the sands of the Terran desert to drag the humans to the darkness awaiting below the sands.  Yes for cheating the High Lord from his desired death, the humans will suffer, they will dream of death as he has.

There is a darkness rising from beneath dead worlds circling a dying star.  No longer will his legions gleam silver in the light, but walk as shadows of death and suffering, brandishing the golden dress of the ancient Egyptians gods.  And the High Lord took for himself the name and image of the sun god, the falcon god, Nekheny.  Now begins the rebuilding of the legions in a new image, and the raising of the tomb worlds and their great war machines.  May the galaxy join the Necrons in their misery.  Though Nekheny still has yet to learn that the galaxy is already a place of misery for all, ablaze in endless war, suffering, and death.  Still has yet to learn two of the star gods are already awaken and his slavery may not be over yet.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Progress of the Legions

Today I primed my twenty warriors and five scarabs.  Once my Deceiver is finished, I will have my 750 point list ready.  This list will continue my painting experiments and hopefully let me develop my modeling/painting skills to a worthy level before I open my "Necron Phalanx" box set or start on my Destroyers.   Let the Legions be born.  Once I have painted my 750 point list, I will post some pictures.

I have not yet thought of a better back ground story yet, but I will. Just haven't had the freedom of thought lately to work on it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Story Behind the Legions of Nekheny

While I was off serving my country, my employer did some layoffs due to the economy and poor financial management.  So when I came home, I still had a job, but at a lot less pay.  However, some is still better than nothing at this moment.  The job I have now I did about two and a half years ago, so they are making me go through all of the training again, a months long refresher course.  Needless to say I was bore immediately, and started scribbling stuff for my Necron army.  While messing around with different Necron hieroglyphs, I stumbled onto a way to make a bird from similar symbols in the codex.

Immediately I was thinking of the phoenix as I love that myth and was going to call my Tomb World Lord the "Phoenix Lord."  Then by Googling that title, I realized that there was already the "Phoenix Lords" of the Eldar and that killed my plans for that.  So I started researching ancient Egypt more, especially the gods and military organization.  I settled on Horus as the example for my Tomb World Lord, but chose a variant name of "Nekheny" that apparently means "falcon," and sounds more 'Cronish.  And so the Legions of Nekheny were born.  And thanks to boredom in class, Nekheny's recent story so far goes like this:

Driven mad by dreams in his long slumber, nay, by the nightmare of his people's double curse of immortally and eternal servitude to cruel and unloving gods.  Now this Great Lord of a Tomb World has awoke, to find his world much changed with no communication with any other Tomb World.  A new race infested the surface of his world, the humans.  Enraged by the squatting vermin on his world, he beings his cleansing of the Warp plagued humans, while ordering their primitive technologies secured to learn more of this new universe he has emerged into.  From the human records the Great Lord learns that the C'tan have made the humans chosen above all other races, not just as cattle to feed their endless appetite, but as the perfect beings through their creation of the Pariah.

But in the humans, the Great Lord saw a different future for his people.  If his people could be enslaved into their immortal machine bodies, maybe they could be freed into the human bodies, freed to a mortal existence, and freed to finally find the embrace of death.  Maybe the humans infected with this Pariah Gene could be their new hosts.  And so the Great Lord became obsessed with the humans and their history, seeking out all knowledge on them, raiding the human worlds and research stations.  In the human history of their ancient Egypt, the Great Lord saw the influence of the C'tan he served, Mephet'ran, the Great Deceiver.  The Great Lord obsessed with this time and civilization as when the humans may have become the chosen.  The Great Lord took the name "Nekheny," that of the ancient Egyptian's greatest god, symbolized as a falcon to its human worshipers, and in truth a form of the Great Deceiver.  And the Great Lord now Nekheny ordered his legions be recolored from their gleaming silver to a dark and deathly version of the ancient Egyptians.  Nekheny adopted the falcon as his symbol to be brandished by his legions to honor Nekheny and his quest to elevate and free his people, and rebuild their once great civilization.  Nekheny envisions a universe free of all but the human race, the C'tan destroyed, and the Warp forever separated from the material world.  Luckily the C'tan have a similar vision of the future save their own destruction and their Necron slaves returning to freedom and mortal lives through the humans.  But until the Great Works are done, the Legions of Nekhany continue to serve the Great Deceiver, waiting for their time to seize their freedom.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beginnings of the Legions of Nekheny

I dreamed of a Necron army painted to meet the fluff in the Necron Codex, a beautiful mirror finished chrome.  This dream apparently is going to be expensive and time consuming, and money and a lot of free time is not something I have at the moment, so I went with my second favorite paint scheme idea based on a sort of ancient Egyptian scheme with black and gold as the colors.  Here is my first Necron attempt.

And here is my second attempt.

Pre-Necron Painting Test

Before I started painting my Necrons, I decided to test my skills on a few Space Marines from my Assault on Black Reach set.  I am looking to have a Space Marine army someday, so I tested some different color schemes.  Left to right is the order in which I painted them.  Not so good, but learning quickly.

My Space Marine army will be similar to the third model, the white and darker gold, their story to come in the future.

Warhammer 40000 and I

This is the story of how I came to Warhammer 40000.  About twenty years ago, I was playing Classic BattleTech and MTG at a local hobby shop.  I watched others play Warhammer Fantasy, 40000, and Blood Bowl there, and while I was interested, never played.  For basically the year of 2009, I was deployed to Kuwait, serving my country as they saw fit.  While there, my friend Z asked to play D&D, but I had tried it and was never able to get into it, too much imagination and making up stuff as you go along for me.  I prefer much more structured games, though I love fluff and creating background for my units, armies, whatever.  However, Z did get me into the Dawn of War computer game, and I loved playing the Necrons in it.  Then he asked to play table top 40k and we did.  We ordered a rule book and a few codex and got into it.  Playing on a table or a rug on the floor with bottle caps and cardboard cut outs as units and what ever we could find as terrain.  And so we played, with another roommate Bailey, and worked on learning the rules and the armies.  And I loved playing.  I tried a few armies and settled on the Necrons, loving their fluff and the We'll Be Back, as it can be so disheartening to your opponent.  We started ordering our armies online, having them delivered to our homes back in the states awaiting for us to come home.  I picked up Space Hulk to start getting my kids in to 40k as well.  They liked Space Hulk, and how I have Assault on Black Reach to see if they will be into the actual 40k.  We have yet to play, but I look forward to it.