Thursday, July 8, 2010

Origins of the Legions Version 2.0

I have gone away from my original story of the Origins of the Legions of Nekheny on the simple fact it didn't fit with the fluff of the 40k universe.  The humans barely have record of their history back to the founding of the Space Marine Legions, let alone the 30,000 years before that, so it pretty much impossible for my Necron to have found information back that far in the human records.  To correct this issue, I have decided to steal a piece of story line from the Star Trek the Motion Picture, V'Ger actually.  Who can say that the living machines that found V'Ger were not the Necrons.  And so follows the new basis for the Legions of Nekheny.

I probe launched from Terra before the days of Warp travel, from when humans were still trying to reach outside of their home star system, has traveled the vastness of space for millennium.  After a few centuries, the probe was to far from Terra for its broadcasts to reach home.  But the probe continued on with its duties, fusion and solar powered, it would last many millennium before powering down.  And so it traveled the heavens gathering the information it was programmed to gather and broadcast back to Terra, looking for inhabitable planets and other life, and it found both, but no one could hear it, and no one live on Terra would remember its existence.  Inside the probe contained the history of man to the point of its launch, and DNA from every form of life the humans could gather from their world.  The intent of the DNA being if the probe would crash onto a planet in its journey, it may start life or change life on the planet making colonization of the work easier for the humans if they ever happened upon it.

 And the probe continued on through the ages, always broadcasting its reports.  While passing through a new star system, an ancient star system with only dead worlds and star barely glowing, nearing complete burn out, something heard the probes broadcasts, something far more ancient than the probe its self.  With the system's star nearly dead, and the planets nearly solid at there core, after millennium of tectonic violence nothing should be stirring in the darkness and depths of the worlds, but things did, not living, at least not any more.  And so a Necron tomb world slowly started to awaken.  The violence fits of the dying star system had left the greatness of the tomb worlds here shattered and lying in ruin.  Their communications systems have been destroyed, a great amount of their stasis systems have failed, and the slow passing of time had claimed most of their race and constructs. But enough of the Necron systems remained to receive the broadcasts from the probe wandering through their dying system and started the great awakening.  Constructs began to stream through the Necron ruins, repairing and bring online what they could.  And the Necron High Lord of the system was awakened from his stasis.  His stasis was not peaceful, but millions of years of nightmares.  Dreams of his people's betrayal by their gods, and their curse to endless slavery.

The High Lord turned his attention to the construct passing his tomb, and he calculated in cold thoughts, "Had this construct not passed, if this infinitely small chance had not occurred, he and his people would have slowly turned to dust after their star had died."  The High Lord was furious to be awoken, to be robbed of his one chance to die and end his slavery.  And with a thought, the High Lord ordered the efforts of this awakening tomb world to ready what remained of his fleet to seize this construct that had ended his nightmares and made them his reality.  The madness of millions of years of existence, of unrelenting nightmares, wore heavy of the High Lord.  The High Lord himself went to take the construct, to bring his vengeance to bear upon the construct.  And as the High Lord stood on the hull of his tomb ship, staring at the simple machine, limited in its ability to think, to comprehend, only able to react in simple ways, like a lowly creature, hardly better than a single cell life form, taking in its environment, and sending it out to somewhere, to something.  This somewhere, something, created intrigue within the High Lord.  And the High Lord looked deeper into construct and began to decipher the simple language with in it.  And the origin of the construct revealed its self to the High Lord.  The entire history of humanity and Terra up to the launch of the construct unfolded before the High Lord and he saw the face of the of the constructs creator. 

The construct would not be the focus of his vengeance, the race that created the construct would be.  In the human's history the High Lord saw the influence of the lair, the deceiver, the betrayer, the star god Mephet'ran, the spearhead of the enslavement of the High Lord's race, and taker of death and the hope of escape.  And the High Lord studied the human history, and from the the period of Mephet'ran's greatest influence, the human's ancient Egyptians.  The High Lord would model his legions in a dark image of death taken from the human's own past to take his vengeance on the humans for cheating him of his long desired death.  It will be as if the skeletons of the Egyptians themselves would raise from the sands of the Terran desert to drag the humans to the darkness awaiting below the sands.  Yes for cheating the High Lord from his desired death, the humans will suffer, they will dream of death as he has.

There is a darkness rising from beneath dead worlds circling a dying star.  No longer will his legions gleam silver in the light, but walk as shadows of death and suffering, brandishing the golden dress of the ancient Egyptians gods.  And the High Lord took for himself the name and image of the sun god, the falcon god, Nekheny.  Now begins the rebuilding of the legions in a new image, and the raising of the tomb worlds and their great war machines.  May the galaxy join the Necrons in their misery.  Though Nekheny still has yet to learn that the galaxy is already a place of misery for all, ablaze in endless war, suffering, and death.  Still has yet to learn two of the star gods are already awaken and his slavery may not be over yet.