Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lookie Here...

Here is the Legions of Nekheny first tournament army still in their packaging.  That is a Necron Phalanx box set, two Monoliths, Deceiver, Necron Lord, and ten Destroyers on sprues.  With the twenty warriors, five scarabs, and one Destroyer already assembled, I now have a total force of:

1 Deceiver (actually two, but can't use more than one, so its future is uncertain at this moment)
1 Necron Lord with Staff of Light
1 Necron Lord with War Scythe
68 Warriors (I plan to take twenty of them and convert them into 10 Immortals and 10 Flayed Ones)
18 Scarabs
17 Destroyers (I plan to convert two of these to Heavy Destroyers, if I can, much cheaper than actual Heavy Destroyers, and I will fill out the rest of the maximum nine the same way)
3 Monoliths

Not a bad little Legion of immortal, soulless, killing machines, to begin my adventure into the tournament scene at the 2500 point level.

On another note that may seem every unrelated at first, I purchased a new home at a hell of a deal in this depressed economy, a reward from my military service to our country, that is ridiculously bigger than my family truely needs.  It was too good to pass up, really an investment that we will actually enjoy more than a CD, Bond, or other financial instrument.  Now how it relates to 40k, (and don't tell my wife, she doesn't know this yet) once the house is presentable to guests, I will start a 40k Meet Up group in Redlands, CA to meet at my house at least once a month.  Fritz 40K is my favorite 40K blogger and I envy his gaming club.  There are not any 40K gaming clubs near me anywhere near the caliber of Battle for Salvation, so I guess I will just have to organize one myself.

Opportunity favors those seeking it, prepared for it, and in reality, creating it for themselves.