Sunday, April 11, 2010

Warhammer 40000 and I

This is the story of how I came to Warhammer 40000.  About twenty years ago, I was playing Classic BattleTech and MTG at a local hobby shop.  I watched others play Warhammer Fantasy, 40000, and Blood Bowl there, and while I was interested, never played.  For basically the year of 2009, I was deployed to Kuwait, serving my country as they saw fit.  While there, my friend Z asked to play D&D, but I had tried it and was never able to get into it, too much imagination and making up stuff as you go along for me.  I prefer much more structured games, though I love fluff and creating background for my units, armies, whatever.  However, Z did get me into the Dawn of War computer game, and I loved playing the Necrons in it.  Then he asked to play table top 40k and we did.  We ordered a rule book and a few codex and got into it.  Playing on a table or a rug on the floor with bottle caps and cardboard cut outs as units and what ever we could find as terrain.  And so we played, with another roommate Bailey, and worked on learning the rules and the armies.  And I loved playing.  I tried a few armies and settled on the Necrons, loving their fluff and the We'll Be Back, as it can be so disheartening to your opponent.  We started ordering our armies online, having them delivered to our homes back in the states awaiting for us to come home.  I picked up Space Hulk to start getting my kids in to 40k as well.  They liked Space Hulk, and how I have Assault on Black Reach to see if they will be into the actual 40k.  We have yet to play, but I look forward to it.

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