Friday, August 6, 2010


For the future 5th Edition Necron Codex, a lot of people are calling for Feel No Pain (FNP) instead of the current We'll Be Back (WBB) rule. If the Necrons were a close combat army, I would agree with this because a successful FNP roll will let that Necron still fight in the assault round it was wounded. But I believe WBB is better for the following reason (especially if you are not using a Resurrection Orb): With the proliferation of power and rending weapons in the 5th Edition Codexes, FNP and WBB are weaker special rules than they use to be. However, AP1 and AP2 ranged weapons stop a FNP roll, so weapons like most big blast templates, plasma, rending (on a roll of 6), melta, etc, make FNP useless. WBB on the other hand, is only canceled by instant death by ranged weapons. So for a ranged army like the Necrons are, WBB is a better and fluffier choice.

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