Friday, August 6, 2010

My 750 point list under construction.

Here are some photos of what I have done with my 750 point list so far. As you can see I am about half way done painting it. I prime all the models Chaos Black to start, then start building up in the metallics. On the Warriors I start with Shining Gold, go over that with Burnished Gold, and then dry brush with Mithril Silver. Then I paint the eye sockets, weapon ends and ribbed chambers with Goblin Green. Next I dot the eyes wtih Scorpion Green and dry brush over the Goblin Green on the weapon ends and ribbed chambers.  I left the golds thin to allow the black to show through in an attempt to create an aged appearance.  On the Deceiver I messed up on the eyes and will end up stripping the paint there and redoing it. The scarabs I used cheap toll painting metallics to test the paint as a cheap alternative and it was just that, cheap paint. But for the scarabs in my starter army it is fine.

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