Saturday, August 14, 2010

My First 2500 point Necron Army

 Being as my dream 2500 point army would cost at least another $270 for new models to create the list, I am going with an alternative using what I currently have and will only be purchasing one additional model for it, a Monolith.

Deceiver                                                300pts
Lord with VOD and Solar Pulse                 180pts
20 Warriors (attached to Lord)                360pts
15 Warriors (portal through Monolith)      270pts
15 Warriors (portal through Monolith)      270pts
5 Destroyers                                           250pts
5 Destroyers                                           250pts
10 Scarabs (hold units for Deceiver)         120pts
Monolith                                                 235pts
Monolith                                                 235pts
                                        Total            2470pts

The remaining 30pts I am thinking about spending on more wargear for the Lord, though hot sure what yet.  I would be able to get a Monolith for about $55, and feel this is a reasonable army with the correct tactics.  I am considering to the Warrior to Immortal and Flayed One conversion to save some money, but are conversions like that allowed in 'Ard Boyz?

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