Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tomb Spyder Combat Patrol List Battle Report

As I posted earlier, my Tomb Spyder combat patrol list is four Tomb Spyders and ten Warriors, 400 points dead on.  And this is the reason my buddy doesn't want to face that list again.  His list was a combat squad with plasma cannon, combat squad with plasma gun, and five Vanguard carrying a total of three power weapons in a Rhino.  Until I re-read the We'll Be Back rule a couple of days ago, we where playing that AP3 and better ranged weapons negated a WBB roll, so the biggest reason for all plasma he usually fields.  We played on a nearly four foot by four foot board (little smaller on one side).  There was a lot of impassable terrain around the corners of the board and large ruin in the center.  I went first and ran my spyders up around the ruin, any spawning a scarab swarm.  The second turn run some more into position.  On the third turn we had LOS finally and I assaulted his Rhino with Vanguard still inside.  Two spyders and their attached scarabs made short work of the rhino, some thing like two glancing hits and three penetrating hits, and the Rhino explodes.  He rolls big for the blast radius.  This two combat squads are in a trench on the side of the Rhino opposite my spyders, but close enough to the Rhino that only one Marine is not hit by the explosion.  At this point my buddy is worried as an epic fail in the dice could possible leave him with a single marine.  The dice gods were fairly kind to him though, and he only lost on unit from each of his combat squads.  His turn three he opens fire on the Spyders with the combat squads and assaults with the Vanguard.  The Spyders got cover saves from the scarabs, reducing the plasma weapons usefulness.  The Vanguard survive through his next assault phase.  With the scarabs adopting the Spyder's T6 and taking up some of the few wounds he can score, all of his marines are wiped out by the end of my turn five.  My warriors never had to move from behind the impassable terrain they were hiding behind.  I must agree with him though, four monstrous creatures in a combat patrol game is ridiculous.  Can the Tyranids even do that?  And that mixed toughness, and unit cover save tactic is insane.  I am so glad the Necrons are the only army that has a monstrous creature that can be in a unit, especially when the other model has three wounds, small target profile, and swarm special rule.

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  1. Lol. That explosion was going to be epic, even though i lost three marines in that blast. And yes I'll Never Play That list Again.