Sunday, August 15, 2010

2500 Point Necron Warrior Army Tactics

These are the planned tactics for the 2500 point Necron Army I listed last with the fifty Warriors in it.

Everything in reserve, with the exception of the Deceiver depending on terrain and enemy units with things like barrage weapons.  Monoliths deep strike into the the enemy using their special rule to displace enemy units.  Special attention needs to be paid to where the portal is facing as the two fifteen unit Warrior squads are to portal through the Monoliths.  If the Warriors portal they will rapid fire, and if they do not, the Monoliths will use their Particle Whips the turn they deep strike in.  Then the Monoliths will ram stuff all the while using their particle whips and Gauss Flux Arcs depending if the Warriors or another unit needs to portal through for a second WBB roll.  Monoliths are also create for deep striking onto objects depending on the game scenario.  The Warriors will be in the enemy's face rapid firing as much as possible for as long as possible with the Monoliths help.

The Lord and his attached twenty Warrior squad will VOD onto the board, in range of the Monoliths portal ability just in case.  They will do really do about the same as the other Warrior squads, VOD'ing around to rapid fire as much as possible as long as possible, and contesting objectives near the end of the game.  I am thinking of a ResOrb in place of the Solar Pulse, will need to play with both to see.

Destroyers will turbo onto the board if needed, but with their range, they probably will not have to to end up in range of a target.  They will do their target priority, taking out transports and killing close combat units and other big treats, staying in range of the Monoliths for that extra WBB via the portal.  Their final role is to contest objectives.

The Deceiver is to run up to the Monoliths and provide counter assault with the Scarabs.  The Scarabs are to hold units until the Deceiver can assault them.  I hope in the new codex the Deceiver can teleport about the board like a proper god should, because it is embarrassing to have a god running across a battlefield.

This is my basic theory on how I will use the army.  But until it is assembled and I can start playing it, it is all theory.

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