Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Day at the Adventure's Guild of Riverside

Today was a nice battle between the Legions of Nekheny and the Iron Skull chapter of Space Marines.  I was lucky enough to destroy my friend's 750 point list.  Deadmeat will load up battle report pictures on his page as he had the camera, but a little of what went on until his report.  Set up was pitched battle, seize ground, four objectives.  The battlefield was four feet by four feet as we were only playing 750 point lists.  Deadmeat's wife set up a nice city terrain, with only a few areas for his long range weapons to come into play, score one for the Necrons.  I set up as if I was going for the objectives, but truely decided to run everything up the middle and try to kill every last marine on the board.  This worked extremely well, and in the end of turn seven, he had only three marines of one combat squad standing on  a contested objective.  Technically it was a draw as no one claimed an objective and I could not kill every last man on this team, but it was close and a good time.  Hopefully next meet up we will have 1000 point armies to play with and I can see what that Monolith I got in the mail can do.

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