Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good bye old Necron Codex...

... But I have not been this excited about something since I found out my wife was pregnant.  My final decision will be when I see the special rules for the Monolith.  The Monolith has been the corner stone of my null deployment army, and loss of its ability to push other models out of its way while deep striking will seriously damper my tactics.  As far as the advancement of my Legions, no change, I am a terrible modeler and never give time to that part of it.  I am still playing with a sticky tack'd together army with rubber bands holding my Monoliths together.  I have not really moved forward on the army partly because I am lazy and do not like doing it, and partly because I am considering a conversion army.  I am envisioning one army to play them all.  Like how a Space Marine player can use his army to play several different codex.  I am considering a conversion army to play several different armies; Necron, Space Marine (Chaos or any codex), Ork, Tau, IG, whatever, using the same converted base models, but with army specific vehicles (like land speeders with SM, or Hammerheads with Tau kind of thing).  Maybe a pipe dream, but I have most of the needed parts collected for the Necron conversion army.  I guess if I hate the modeling side of the hobby, might as well go big or go home.  Until then though, I will be working on my standard Necron army, and can't wait for that new codex.

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