Sunday, November 13, 2011

First Game With New Codex

Met up with a couple guys at GMI in Riverside, CA, who I am trying to start a local gaming club with.  I was originally going to play some Fantasy, but had my 'Crons with me just in case.  We played 1250pts.  My opponent played Chaos Space Marines.  Seize ground with four objectives, dawn of war.  My list was as follows:

Nemesor Zahndrekh  185pts
1x10 Immortals w/gauss blasters  170pts
1x10 Immortals w/tesla carbines  170pts
1x10 Warriors  130pts
1x2 Heavy Destroyers  120pts
2x1 Monoliths  400pts

I was in a hurry and apparently did some bad math, as I only ended up the 1175pts I as added it up here.

The game plan was to get the objects as close as possible to the center of the board and as close to one another so at a minimum the Monoliths can sit on them and contest them.  Three troop choices with the right deployment of objects would give me the possible of controlling all four of the objectives.  I took this selection of troops not some much for tactical ability as to see how each of them would play out on the table.  I took Zahndrekh for his ability to deep strike in my deep striking Monoliths as quickly as possible, coming in on the enemy turn if he is deep striking anything in (in this case he was deep striking in a five man terminator squad.  Also the Monoliths would be the ones laying down a lot of the dakka dakka and drawing the attention of my opponent  The Monoliths were to deep strike in near to the objects, clear any enemy units, and teleport my troops in to claim them.

I got to go second, and screwed up from the start with my deployment.  I ended up deploying Zahndrekh and this squad of telsa carbine Immortals to close to my opponent's Demon Prince. All five of his attacks land and I cannot touch him, fail leadership test, and lose the entire unit in a sweeping advance.  Game does not start off well.  There was a little dakka dakka, nothing to important, as his defiler did not land the template.  I bring my destroyers on to the board , but did not roll high to shoot them at anything. I walk my gauss blaster Immortals onto the board and rapid fire the Demon Prince, scoring two wounds, only two more to go.  The Warriors fire on the Prince and finish him off. Charge the Scarabs into his Rhino, only three hits, but now now Warriors can penetrate the armor. 

Turn two is no prettier.  Terminators deep strike in in front of my Immortals and open fire.  His Berzerker assault my scarabs to protect his terminator's armor save.  His Raptors assault my Warriors add sweep them.  On my turn I land one Monolith in my opponents deployment zone near the one stray objective he placed.  No scatter on the deep strike and I portal the Immortals away from his assault units to face a five man tactical squad instead.  The Immortals and Monolith leave on tact marine alive.  Heavy Destroyers drop one Terminator. 

Turn three, this Raptors assault and out right kill the Heavy Destroyers, and the rest of his units start moving towards my Immortals.  At this point I have one chance to win, hold one object with the Immortals and contest the rest with the Monoliths.  Second Monolith deep strikes in with no scatter. Test out the Portal Exile, roll a six, remove a couple tact marines.  Move the other Monolith towards the center of the board to contest the other objects and try to block his units from my Immortals.

Turn Four, he tries to melta the one of the Monoliths and assaults it, shakes it, but living metals saves it.  He starts taking pot shots at my Immortals, leaving me only three.  I move the last three Immortals into cover and onto the objective. Particle Whip the defiler, but only shake it. At least it can't shoot next turn.  Move my Monoliths to contest the other three objects.

Turn Five, he kills the rest of my Immortals.  Turn five ends with no objects held.  Opponent rolls for turn six, no go, games ends as a tactical draw, but opponent definatily wins with on kill points.

It was a good learning experience, but I didn't even get to use my HQ or tesla carbines.  Can't wait to test them out more. 

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