Thursday, November 17, 2011


Time to update my army's background fluff now that GW has rewritten the Necron fluff as a whole.  With the new Dynasty system for the Necrons, I guess I don't even really need fluff as to why my army is black with gold instead of silver, though I may.  The C'Tan have already been subjugated, that mission is gone from my fluff as well.  But the return to mortal bodies of flesh is a new theme in the codex, so I guess I will not only keep it, but make it my focus.  From the new Necron Codex page 17, "The Blood Vats of Zantragora," apotheosis is their overriding goal.  Apotheosis means to deify, which sounds much more inline with Illuminor Szeras goal for the Necrons, but I will stick with just mortal bodies to give hope of death.  My concern is with the fluff of the C'Tan devouring the souls of the Necron during the biotransference.  Is there a way to get one's soul back?  Hey, Sam Winchester in Supernatrual got his soul back, why can't my 'Crons? In my old story, my Great Lord Nekheny was going to use humans, namely those with the Pariah gene.  No more Pariahs in the new codex, with sucks, because compared to the Lychguard and Triarch Praetorians replacing them, the Pariah was a much better unit.  I guess the Pariah was just to powerful against the proliferation of psykers in the Space Marine armies.  A squad of Pariahs in a Necron army against Grey Knights was an awesome sight.  Oh well, there is another race I have chosen to replace my Pariah gene humans in my story.  Let ones greatest enemy become their greats hope...

So I will keep the black with gold, and the green and silver highlights and details.  But I think I want to add another color.  I am thinking a purple.  I am picturing a purple line (racing strip) on the foreheads of my 'Crons, and maybe the coffin shape on the chest with the raised Ankh gold.  The more gold and purple that higher the status of the unit probably.  I will do this to start to get models on the table will I start work on my conversion army, my "Apotheosis" army.  Yes, my Phaeron, The Great Lord Nekheny, will be reversing the the biotransference.


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