Thursday, November 10, 2011

Still Missing My Old Rules...

Wishing I could use the old rules with the new points costs on the old units.  But alas, it cannot be.  So today I started looking at what the units can do as individuals, and a little bit at synergy.  I also started reading the fluff.  Time to update my Legions' origin story too.  I think one of the reasons I chose Necrons was the limited choices in the army.  A few units, and only Lords had options really.  I think I am a little over whelmed at the moment with the new Codex.

What I have gleamed so far from the new Codex is this;

With the Reanimation Protocol's, it is more important to have larger units than having a duplicate unit near by, as a unit only affects its self.  And the ResOrb only affects the unit it is in.  But unless an attach has a special rule on removing models from the board like the new Exile Portal, nothing short of the unit fleeing the fallen or entirely wiping the unit out will stop the roll.

The lose of the move like jet bikes rules on the Destroyers, Wraiths, and Scarabs makes sense.  But now Destroyers and Wraiths can Deep Strike, but Scarabs can't.  I see some exploits in this reversal.

Unit team work is going to be much more important.  Scarabs may get a lot of work, but at the moment I see them softening up heavy armor targets like land raiders for big guns like Heavy Destroyers, Monoliths, Doom Arks, and the like. I also see them helping Immortals to make quick work of lighter armored vehicles like Rhinos and such.

I am a student of Fritz 40K's null deployment.  And though I originally centered my null deployment tactics on the old Monolith's Deep Striking special rules that are now gone, I still see a lot of options to still use null deployment as there is now eight Deep Striking units in the army list and two unit transport options.

I have been doing the math hammer, focusing on best troop choice vs. Space Marines.  I have settled on gauss blaster Immortals as my premier troop choice.  That and I have 20 of them.  I have also been figuring the best option unit to kill a Space Marine Tactical Squad.  And the math hammer best shooty point cost to death Space Marine is an Overlord with five Lords and five Crypteks, all with Staff of Light.

This is like starting all over with a new army.  This is going to take a while and a lot of money I am guessing.

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