Monday, May 30, 2011

Slaughter In Space 3

Bottom five.  I was in a close race for last place, but fought to a draw in the fifth round, and the honor went to someone else.  But it was the most fun I have had playing 40K.  The people where great, and made the event.  The scenarios were fun, and challenging, making generals work in several mind sets to win.  I can't wait to do it again next year.

I went with a trailer trash Necron army of the list I posted earlier, with the intent of using null deployment tactics.  The idea was to generally reserve everything, depending on the mission.

Round 1, kill points, versus Grey Knights.  Reserved everything, opponent goes first, moves into my deployment zone, from one end of the board to the other.  Reserve rolls are terrible, and my army piece meals onto the board, and are rightly slaughters.  Didn't realise as I was signing up for the tourney that the Slaughter in Space of the tourney title was going to be about the slaughter of my Necrons.  Though can say I was surprised.  I should have placed at least the destroyers and the VOD Lord and attached Warriors on the board if the entire army.  My opponent scores a massacre, with bonus objective, claiming the maximum 20pts, and I got 1pt for playing.  No love loss though Rick, you were great to play with.

Round 2, basically capture the flag, scoring points at the end of the of every turn for holding objects.  Opponent is playing Tau, lots of Fire Warriors in Devilfish.  I go first, deploy as close to the objects as possible, and bum rush them, using Mono's as mobile terrain and Destroyers trying to pop transports.  Three objectives, to outer objectives worth one point a turn and center objective worth two points a turn.  My opponent deploys ever conservatively.  I capture the center and on end objective by end of second turn.  Opponent captures an other other end object and contests the center object on turn three.  By that time I have a lead of three points he was never able to make up.  I claimed my bonus object and a major victory, giving me 16pts, opponent loses his bonus objective.  Ryan, was a good game.

Round 3, hidden objectivess.  This one was interesting.  No objectives start on the board, any unit with a WS can search any terrain for an objective and find one on 3+.  Each player can only find one per turn, and one per terrain, but any number of units in terrain can search.  I deployed everything but the one Monolith, castled to one corner.  My opponent is Chaos Marines, Plague Marines, two Greater Daemons, a Daemon Prince, and some others.  I should have reserved everything on this one can came on top of the objectives he uncovered.  Instead I never got out of my corner and, he found four objectives and claimed them all.  I tried for three turns to VOD my Lord and Warriors to contest and maybe claim an objective.  Third mishap the unit is lost, along with my only only chance to contest any objectives.  Opponent gets his bonus objective, I do not.  20pts to my opponent, 1pt to me for playing.  Cooper, it was a lesson, thank you, the critique was great.

Round 4, kill points, only 4 org slots count for kill points, on table . Opponent playing Dark Eldar.  I choose his three Ravengers and one of his Warrior units as my kill points (total of 8pts possible).  My opponent chooses my two Warrior units and two of my Destroyer units.  My first failure is my deployment.  I reserved the Lords and Warriors to both portal. I castle everything else in cover in a corner.  Should have reserved everything.  I can never get my Destroyers close to my kill point targets.  My opponent gets three of his kill point targets, and claims a major victory, no bonus objectives.  I at least get my bonus points.  Opponent 14pts, me 6pts.  Danny, well played, and I still hate Dark Eldar.

Round 5, final round, and in the running for last place.  This was a fun scenario.  Four objectives that you secertly assign a value to, between 0 and 3, and that is the points it is worth if you control it.  Up against an Inquisition list.  Lots of model and Chimeras, and Cortes the Monolith killer.  I reserve every think, he deploys every thing.  He stacks his strongest units one objective, wonder what value he assigned to that objective?  He even has a Tech Marine fortify the terrain the objective is.  With everything of my in reserve, my opponent uses his free turn to move onto or towards the other objectives.  My first reserve roll brings in both Monoliths and two Destroyer squads.  I move the Destroyers on behind cover and the assassin hiding in it, and remove him from play immediately.  Mono one DS's on top of Cortes and his squad centered on the objective.  No scatter and the whole squad is forced out of cover and I particle whip his 5man Paladin squad killing to.  The other Mono DS's into the ruin in the center of the board and scatters three inches into some kind of non-Space Marine unit with close combat weapons.  That Mono particle whips a storm trooper, hits seven, and one fails the cover save for the terrain they are in.  They keep that up for the rest of the game.  They kill three Destroyers while withstanding several particle whips, gauss flux arcs, and lots of destroyer fire.  Cortes on turn three explodes a Monolith, and in turn four walks over to the other Mono and wreaks it.  In the end, every objective is contested, and the game is a draw.  Opponent holds his bonus objective, I could not get to mine.  Opponent 11pts, me 9pts, and takes me and my opponent out of the running for last place.  Cris, my favorite game, thank you. 

1-3-1 is my tourney record now.  Can't wait for Slaughter in Space 4.

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