Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What can over come lack of focus?

Money, as in the fee I just paid to enter the Slaughter in Space 3 (SIS3) at Gamex 2011, and my competitive nature.  While SIS3 does not require a player's army to be painted and based to compete (this is apparently a friendly tournament, not Hard Boyz), I would feel cheese not having a less a minimum Hard Boyz level paint job and basing done.

The SIS3 format is 2000pts, five games over two days.  I have read over the scenarios, and realized I needed some changes to my Hard Boyz list to make it work besides the drop in 500pts.  SIS3 kill points are one point for every full one hundred points for troop choices, and one point for every faction of a hundred points for all other unit types.  So my Lord with ResOrb, VOD, and warscythe is losing his warscythe.  Because without the scythe he is 200pts and only two kill points, but with the scythe he is 210pts and three kill points.  Using the SIS3 kill point system, I will be have a total of twenty kill points in my army.

 This is the list I am planning on running for the tournament;

1 Lord with ResOrb and VOD (200pts) attached to
15 Warriors (270pts)
1 Lord with ResOrb, Chorno, Gaze, Lightning (190pts) attached to
15 Warriors (270pts)
2 Monoliths (470pts)
12 Destroyers (in three squads of four) (600pts)

2000pts spot on.  Phase out at ten.

Only problem, only the destroyers are off the sprues and nothing is painted.  Tomorrow I start my assembly line.  Two weeks for 2000pts, why not.  But how am I going to get a Lord with a Staff of Light?  I have one of the old ones, but can't find one other than the Destroyer Lord from the newer line that has a Staff of Light.  Guess I may have to make something myself, oh boy.  Wish me luck.

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